Wall-E is now on my radar... big time

Ratatouille (which is still months away here in the U.K.) when I hear people in the States who have seen it compare it to thinks like The Incredibles and Toy Story. I mean those movies are timeless. Generations upon generations are going to grow up and love these movies just like we did for all things 2-D Disney animated. Toy Story, The Incredibles and the rest of them are modern day Snow Whites, Pinocchio's etc. Now you all know that I didn't like Cars but ya know it wasn't a Happy Feet or a Surf's Up. It was a movie made by uber talented people and is one of those projects that when a director is too close to it, the end result is sometimes a personal film for the director and not a lot else for anybody else. It happened with Scorsese in Gangs of New York and it certainly happened with Tim Burton on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You can fall a little into the self indulgence trap and when it doesn't work, the result is a bad film that's well made.

Ray at the The Rec Show has kindly shot me an e-mail to a promo clip (which I have posted above) on his site for Pixar's next film Wall-E and it's just such geeky fun. Now it's not that which pulled me into the article though, it's what he has taken from Slash Film who have a full run-down of the Panel for Wall-E at the Con. Boy this movie sounds spectacular, and it could be a risk from Pixar but it's one that I'm really interested in seeing. All this comes from director Andrew Stanton...
Sometime in the future overpopulation and rampant consumerism literally buries the world in trash. And mankind, the entire population is forced to re-colonize for a mandatory five year cruise out in space on these luxurious star-liners that had the latest and greatest in care and entertainment and automation. Meanwhile those WALL-E units were deployed to help clean up the planet€™s surface. And something didn€™t go right and nobody ever came back. So for over four centuries one little robot was like the little energizer bunny. He kept going and going and going. Day in and day out, compacting trash for seven hundred years. During this period of time he formed a personality with a curiosity in the artifacts and history of mankind. Wondering what this thing called living is all about. Until one day an unusual event occurs that motivates WALL-E to for the first time, break from his life-long routine and seize an opportunity to go out into space.
Sign me up already. July 27th 2008 is the current release date in the U.S, with an opening a couple of weeks later for us in the U.K.

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