Warner Brothers greenlight live-action Jonny Quest movie

cast.jpgThe guys who messed up with producing the Hitman movie are now turning their attention away from video games and onto 60's animated T.V. shows. Warner Brothers have greenlit their pitch based on a live action adaptation of the Hana Barbara cartoon Jonny Quest, with newcomer Dan Mazeau hired to pen the screenplay.
First broadcast in 1964 and inspired by radio shows, comic strips and James Bond movies, the primetime sci-fi adventure series aired on ABC, then spent the next two decades in reruns. "Quest" told the thrilling stories of Quest, a young boy who accompanied his scientist father on extraordinary escapades. Also in the mix was his adopted brother from Calcutta, his pet bulldog pup, and the government agent assigned to protect them. The show, which was noted for its realistic portrayal of people, was canceled not because of low ratings but because it was too expensive to produce.
I've never seen the original show but I did see a revival of it sometime in the 90's. The movie could work then if it's one big adventure flick but exactly what they wanna do with the character of Quest will be interesting. The age they make him will go a long way to determining how successful this movie is. Below, I've added a trailer of the show's opening. Looks really, really fun and right up my alley. I wish I knew about this version of the show when I was younger, I probably would have loved it!

source - aicn, the hollywood reporter

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