Watch Me While I Kill: Top 20 Italian Giallo Films

20. Baba Yaga, Devil Witch (1973)

bba Not strictly a Giallo, but put in this list because it is a kinky Italian horror film from the 1970s. Baba Yaga is an entertaining story about a female photographer - Valentina - who falls under the spell of a witch who calls at her door one night. This leads to soft core Lesbian SM tomfoolery as Valentina succumbs to Baba Yaga's erotic machinations. Based upon the Italian 'fumetti' - wildly popular Italian comics that dealt with adult naughtiness, director Corrado Farrina does a good job of interpreting comic book aesthetics. For years the film lingered as a butchered print but Shameless Screen Entertainment have recently done a good job in restoring the director's cut to Farrina's satisfaction. If you like whacked out Euro sleaze like Eugenie: The Story of her Journey into Perversion and Flavia the Heretic, you will enjoy this one.
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