Watch The Dictator's New Trailer: Sacha's Lost In America Again

Sacha Baron Cohen's latest satirical comedy gets a brand new trailer, and some further insight into its plot finally emerges.

Ryan Seacrest might not be the most excited person in the world to hear that Sacha Baron Cohen's latest comedy, The Dictator has a brand new trailer, but comedy fans the world over will rejoice in finally finding out further details of the British comedian's comic plot. This latest trailer for the film, which is set for release in May, shows us a little more of what to expect from the comedy, beyond its initially revealed tyrannical satire, and while the storyline of a bad man finding his way to apparent goodness looks a little cliched, there are enough comic beats in the trailer to suggest Baron Cohen can bring the laughs regardless. And the return of his usually rich "Lost in America" theme will no doubt appeal to fans or Borat and Bruno. The Dictator follows Admiral General Aladeen deposed despotic leader of the fictional Middle Eastern country of the Republic of Wadiya, who is lured to America under the false pretence of addressing the UN and rather unceremoniously cast into the urban wilderness of America by John C Reilly's government agent, shaved, penniless and without a clue. Naturally he meets a girl, played by the cruelly under-valued Anna Faris, who rescues him from being arrested when he attempts to scale the wall of the UN to deliver his speech, and it looks like he finds himself along the way. But knowing Sacha Baron Cohen, it's surely not likely to be that simple, with broad political satire sure to play a big part. So, will the controversial comedy be featuring on your To See list when it hits general release? Or is this one step too far for Sacha Baron Cohen's foreigner comedy shtick? Let us know in the comments below.

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