Arnie, Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, Paul Winfield & Earl Boen!

In 1984 something very special happened€ But enough about my birth, let€™s talk about a little film called The Terminator, the brainchild of, an at the time, relatively unknown film-maker by the name of James Cameron, perhaps you€™ve heard of him? Fresh off his first directorial job on 1981€™s Piranha II: The Spawning, Cameron fell ill while working on post-production and from his sickbed dreamed up the plot that would eventually evolve into The Terminator.

The film was a huge success and has only gotten more popular over time, made for only $6.4 million, the film went onto gross over $78 million worldwide. Cameron was given the green light to make Aliens based on the success of The Terminator, so without this film we would have never had three of the greatest science fiction action films of all time. The sequel is usually singled out for more praise but from an originality standpoint The Terminator breathed new life into Hollywood in the eighties and made a star out of one Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as turning Cameron into the Hollywood force is he is today. Cameron had initially envisaged the Terminator to be an ordinary looking man, which would allow him to blend into a crowd easier, O.J. Simpson was considered for the role, before Cameron famously, and as it would turn out, rather ironically decided that €œPeople wouldn€™t have believed a nice guy like O.J. playing the part of a ruthless killer.€Lance Henriksen was also considered for the role after he worked with Cameron on Piranha II, as was Michael Biehn, who eventually was cast as hero Kyle Reese after Cameron decided that Schwarzenegger was better suited to playing such a relentless killing machine. The success of the film led to two sequels, the first in 1991, also coming from James Cameron, was, at the time, the most expensive film ever made and the disappointing T3 in 2003, which was Arnie€™s last starring role before his move into politics. With a t.v. series, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles having just finished it€™s first season run and with a teaser trailer for McG€™s Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins set to be attached to screenings of The Dark Knight on it€™s release in a few weeks, the timing seems right to take a look at what became of the cast of the film that started it all€ Click on the actor to find out WHERE ARE THEY NOW?PART I: ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGERPART II: LINDA HAMILTONPART III: MICHAEL BIEHNPART IV: LANCE HENRIKSENPART V: PAUL WINFIELD & EARL BOEN

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