WB lose the power, HE-MAN movie dead!

Warner Bros. have killed off GRAYSKULL: DEFENDERS OF THE UNIVERSE, the reinvention of the He-Man franchise which hot new screenwriter Justin Marks had setup at the studio last year according to Latino Review. It seems that the few execs who were keen on the project at WB have since departed and no-one else really believes in the script or gets the property. The script which some have called the next epic in line with LORD OF THE RINGS but with the kind of grounded origin tale found in BATMAN BEGINS, was set to be the first attempt at this Universe as a live action movie completely set in Grayskull. Cementing it's death earlier this year was the rejection of offers from big name directors Doug Liman and Bryan Singer, who turned the project down and the few up and coming helmers who did actually show interest, the studio didn't have enough faith in. Understandably, the decision to cancel the movie has angered the toy manufactures Mattel who own the rights to the character. They were planning on a new big line of toys and probably a video game to coincide with the releases but now that won't be happening. Mattel are likely to soon begin negotiating a deal to take the franchise away from WB in the hope to get the property setup elsewhere. Though one thinks WB wouldn't be so willing to let Paramount have a stab at this. In an era when 80's pop culture equals huge business and a movie like TRANSFORMERS can start a billion dollar franchise, one wonders how much WB will come to regret this move.

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