WB Say BLOOD WARS Is 'Radical Reinvention of Vampire Mythology' But It's Basically Daybreakers 2

Do you remember when vampire movies used to be, dare I say it, cool? Those long ago days when that bloody thirsty sub-genre of horror felt like it was exclusively for you and your geeky friends at school to watch and debate over? When VHS copies of The Lost Boys, Near Dark, Fright Night or if you were real lucky, recorded off the telly copies of Hammer Horror or the Universal Horror creepers would regularly play late at night as you wanted a fright or two before you went to sleep? In a post-Twilight/True Blood age it may be hard to remember there was a time when vampire movies cared less about romance and more about horror but we'll give each announcement of a new vampirific film it's due and secretly but perhaps stupidly hope we may yet get another Let the Right One In classic before this overlong fad flat-lines. The Wrap reports that rookie writer Dalan Musson has come up with a €œradical reinvention of vampire mythology€ with Blood Wars, a new spec script that has just sold at Warner Bros. and is to be brought to the screen by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's Imagine Entertainment. Which is fine but damnit, the movie just sounds like Daybreakers 2... The story has been mapped out by Chad St. John and Blacklight Transmedia where "vampires have control of the world and humans are their slaves. But humans infiltrate the vampire army and plan a rebellion." Hmmm... still trying to workout where the radical path is. Perhaps in a world where Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and remakes of Fright Night, The Hunger, Dark Shadows, any number of Dracula projects and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer are to be unleashed upon us over the next few years, not to mention more Twilight and True Blood's and their many imitators - it's just radical to know this film is based on an original property and we should be grateful for that. And well, if it is a Daybreakers derivative... then Christ, we'd take that over more Bella/Edward/that werewolf dude bestiality? Wouldn't we?
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