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The beautiful takeover you see around you was originally set to go live on Monday until this happened but I promise you this was worth the wait. This month we should be referred to only as Obsessed With Pixar because quite honestly, we are. Every one of the dozen or so OWF contributors are head over heels in love with the studio behind that lamp and this month, on the year of Pixar's 25th anniversary, we are going to celebrate the 11 perfect films they have given us and the geniuses behind them. For many of us, we saw Toy Story on it's first run in 1995 and whilst we never forgot that the movie was gorgeously animated, we probably did forget that Woody, Buzz and the gang weren't actually real characters we had known all our life. They certainly felt real to me and one of the most effecting moments I've ever had in a cinema was Buzz's revelation of who he truly was. Nobody else was making movies in the mid 90's that had the same effect on me and nearly two decades on, Pixar are still the only ones making me feel this way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vddEvqS6M4o I got all worked up by Wall*E, I was hit by a hammer load of sadness at the beginning of Up - true proof of the power of silent cinema and you could have swam in the tears shed during that screening and then the invention and nostalgia of Toy Story 3 - how that movie get upping the danger and going to horrifying places the other movies would just hint at. Please join us over the next four weeks as Obsessed With Film writers all way lyrical about their love for Pixar in various different ways, including retrospective reviews of all their movies, a bunch of Top Ten lists chronicling our favourite moments/characters, our usual epic Top 50 reasons articles but all Pixar related and loads, loads, loads more features. Plus plenty of coverage about the new Pixar movie that is racing into cinema's soon. We also have some very special Pixar related prizes to give away and something very, very special is going down in a couple of weeks but we'll talk more about that a little later. It's got something to do with this fella; Gonna be a fun ride!
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