We Know Who Martin Freeman's Character In Captain America: Civil War Is

Plus, clues to how he fits into the rest of Phase Three...

Ahead of the release of their latest issue, Empire Magazine have released a tidbit of info from their feature on Captain America: Civil War. Namely, that Martin Freeman will be playing a character named Everett Ross (whether there'll be a relation to William Hurt's General Ross in the film remains to be seen). Fans of Black Panther comics may be familiar with the character as a U.S. attaché based in Wakanda, the fictional African nation of which the Panther is the monarch. In the comics, Everett has proven to be a consistently reliable ally for T'Challa, even going so far as to be installed as the Regent in his absence. Having Freeman inhabit this character serves as a natural bridge for Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther to appear in Civil War, and will no doubt be scheduled to appear in that character's solo film when it hits in February of 2018. For the time being, you can look forward to seeing the character in a few scant months, where he'll be featuring as part of the 'Joint Counter Terrorist Centre', alongside Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) - as evidenced by the new production still above, and what's already been glimpsed in the trailers.

Captain America: Civil War is released in the UK on 29th April and in the US on 6th May.

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