What Amy Schumer Will Do Next After Trainwreck

50/50 film-maker tapped to direct the star in kidnap comedy.

Trainwreck opened last weekend in the UK, where it managed a middling 5th place at the box-office. That's not indicative of the movie's global performance though, which has surged to $111 million in receipts. That success is largely on the back of leading lady Amy Schumer's sudden ascendancy. Earlier this summer she announced the next step in her meteoric rise as a mother/daughter caper flick, with Jonathan Levine now set to call the shots on that venture. Levine's a competent pair of hands (50/50 is great and his 2006 slasher All The Boys Love Mandy Lane is criminally under-seen), although he won't be able to offer quite the same level of expertise as Schumer's Trainwreck helmer Judd Apatow. Apatow courted Schumer for that gig, and forced her to make Trainwreck's narrative semi-biographic, building the outrageous comedy on a bed of dramatic authenticity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9lA94P7shQ A mother/daughter/kidnap plot reads as far more high-concept, and whilst Schumer's hand in the script is encouraging (she's nabbed rewrite duties), it doesn't sound like it's going to come from the same raw, truthful place as Trainwreck. Schumer's raison d'etre (both as actor and stand-up) is her willingness to over-share, a facet that might get lost in a broader, less individually-minded studio project. That said, Schumer deserves the benefit of the doubt after Trainwreck, and Levine's a smart young director, so who knows? Maybe this will ignite Schumer's reign over Hollywood, or alternatively, it might forever earmark 2015 as the year she almost cracked the A-list. Either way, it'll be an interesting development in the career of a unique comic voice. The project has no release date, but with Schumer ever-so-hot right now, expect it to shore up sooner rather than later.

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