What Are The Top 30 Most Acclaimed Comic Book Movies?

An interesting list has been compiled by blogger Garth Franklin (and a calculator) over at Dark Horizons whose aim was to try and work out what the most acclaimed comic book movies were to date. 'Acclaimed' is of course a difficult term to define when you consider all the various ways in which a film could carry that tag (i.e. box office popularity is one, though not used in this experiment) but Franklin's method of coming up with a formula puts into consideration critical favourites, audience favourites and those rare across the board comic book movies which everybody agrees are great. Franklin combined three scores for each film using critics responses on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic and the open to the public IMDb user ratings, wittling 70 movies down to a top 30 list you can see below; Do you agree with his findings?
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