What happens when good sci-fi directors work with Nicolas Cage...

It would appear that not even good directors are not immune to the Nicolas Cage infection of studio hackery. The great sci-fi director Alex Proyas (Dark City, I, Robot) looks to have churned in his most banal and redundant effort to date, with Cage once again giving us a one-note performance with his monotone voice.

It's pretty clear that without the likeable Will Smith covering up any problems with his last sci-fi effort, Proyas is not going to have the same kind of luxury here. This is what I said back in March when I briefly talked about the film...
For my money there isn€™t a more boring lead actor on the planet right now than Nicolas Cage and his inability to get through expedition dialogue without making you fall asleep has always been his big hindrance in this genre.
Now you watch this trailer below and you tell me if that statement is not 100% true. His voice can't see him through plot dialogue, why do the trailers for his films always sound like spoofs?

National Treasure meets The Number 23? What a horrible thought.

"What happens when the numbers run out?"

Has their been a more boring and pathetic end trailer tease this year?

This movie looks so bad, I can't believe Proyas directed this. I expect this from Cage but not from him. The movie opens next March.

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