What If... ET: THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL 2 Was Made Today?

What if E.T. returned as an adult to track down Elliot in the present day? How might that reunion go?

What if E.T. returned as an adult to track down Elliot in the present day? How might that reunion go? Following on from my recent article on sequels and prequels Hollywood have yet to make - I take a look at one of cinema€™s best buddy movies and explore how one might tackle a sequel. Because you just know, one day, somebody will;

The Comedy Sequel

Wouldn€™t you happily pay just to see the two of them kick it now that they€™re adults and reminisce about that time when they were innocent kids and a wide-eyed Elliot helped E.T. escape from the evil clutches of the FBI and into the arms of his absent minded parents? I mean seriously what the Hell kept E.T.€™s parents so long? How do you fail to realise you€™ve left your child behind on an alien planet? Come on! Given the obvious poor quality of parenting E.T. received and Elliot€™s less than stable home (his sister was Drew Barrymore for God€™s sake! Imagine what growing up with her would have been like. I don€™t want to say €˜incest€™, but y€™know€) it€™s unlikely these two were going to be honour role students. So€ €œElliot€™s a guy who€™s in too deep with a crazy drug dealer. All hope looks lost until his old friend comes to town. Cue scenes of E.T. beating down gangsters with his magical powers and getting high with Elliot as they go on some drug-fuelled mission.€ Think The Big Lebowski with an Alien as Walter.

The Drama Sequel

Same set up as above, but this time Elliot is a junkie on death€™s door with an ex-wife who hates his guts and a kid who he€™s not allowed to see. Just when he€™s about to end it all, E.T. arrives on the scene to help him back on his feet and in the process Elliot introduces E.T. to new modern technology and gets him up to speed with the world of today. €œSometimes we need a little help from an old friend to get us back on track.€Cue emotional bonding scenes between E.T. and Elliot and him beating his habit and rebuilding his relationship with his estranged daughter. Think Leaving Last Vegas but with E.T. instead of Elizabeth Shue.

The Action Sequel

The obvious and not very appealing - so the likely sequel. Despite his unstable family background and run in with the feds as a youth, Elliot got his act together and is working for a paranormal division. Every night he looks up at the skies and hopes his friend will return€ Then one day he does, but with bad news! €œThis summer E.T. is back. Last time he was an enemy of the state, now he€™s our strongest alley in our fight for survival. Cue Alien invasion with E.T. and his kinsman working with our military to take down some invading alien horde.€ Think The Earth Stood Still with CGI instead of Keanu Reeves, who I€™m still not entirely convinced isn€™t CGI.

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