What is Grant Morrison NOT saying but actually IS saying about THE FLASH?

Scottish comic book writer Grant Morrison has told MTV Splash Page that he can't talk about Warner Bros. much attempted adaptation of THE FLASH... but then goes ahead to talk about THE FLASH... without, apparantely actually talking about it. Though he clearly does. Confused? Well here is what he says...

€œThe thing with Hollywood stuff,€ Morrison started to explain, €œis that I€™ve signed all these NDAs, so I can€™t talk about it. I don€™t want to get myself in trouble for saying the wrong things. There€™s a lot of projects I€™m not ready to talk about. I can€™t. It€™s just not allowed.€
Which led to WB and THE FLASH...
€œYes, I have talked to them. I€™m deeply involved in those discussions. I know what€™s going down with all of that, and it€™s actually really exciting. But beyond that, I can€™t say anything. I wish I could tell you. I€™m sure announcements will probably be made at some point, but I can€™t say anything.€
So if he is in talks, he must be in talks about something? There would be no annoucements if he wasn't. Morrison is known for his playing with narrative structure (Chris Nolan) and his recent work on Batman in the comics industry has led to some of the best stories the character has seen in print for years. Last we heard, David Dobkin (THE WEDDING CRASHES) was to helm the origin movie for the character but that was SOOOOOO long ago now, who knows?
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