What Jonah Hill & Kristen Bell in Ghostbusters 3 Might Look Like

Rising up and coming actress Sarah Paxton has also joined in on the Ecto-1 car fun. But what does it all mean?

Now this probably doesn't mean anything but Jonah Hill and Kristen Bell, two actor/comedians who have regularly been suggested as potential new recruits for a proposed Ghostbusters 3, posted photos of themselves on Twitter a couple of days ago alongside the famous Ecto-1 car. Then rising up-and-comer Sarah Paxton (The Innkeepers, Shark Night) did the exact same thing! Hill's image is above and he wrote the image; "Who ya gonna call?" with it. Bell did the same but with a photo of her in the car and even changed her Twitter background, writing; "Guys, please do not be intimidated that I changed my background to a pic of me driving the Ecto-1. It's not a big thang. (read: It's a BIG thang)" Actress then finally Sarah Paxton then did the same, writing "Who ya gonna call? SARAH PAXTON!". So what is this all about exactly? Well clearly the Ecto-1 is parked in the same spot in every image. Is it just parked up somewhere obvious in Hollywood and all these actors are just having some nostalgia fun with one of their favourite films, taking a snap of themselves with it? Or is there something more to all this? Jonah Hill has certainly been heavily rumoured as a good candidate for a new Ghostbuster recruit in the past, and we could see Kristen Bell's comedy chops from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Couples Retreat carried over to this series. Paxton would work too as the actress would be cheap at this stage of her career but is quickly making in-roads. Now last we heard of a proposed Ghostbusters 3 was back in August when Dan Aykroyd announced that he was still trying to get the film greenlit but without Bill Murray's commitment that looked unlikely. At this point it is obvious Murray has less than 0% interest in starring in the film and wouldn't even read the script to help out his buddies who desperately want this film made and have been for years. But at some point you gotta believe franchise hungry Sony will say 'Screw Bill Murray' and just decide to go with the film without him. It would obviously mean a smaller budget and such but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if they went with it. Could these three young actors be the first to sign the contract and this is Columbia's way of announcing the cast via Twitter? One would doubt it given the low-key nature of their Twitter accounts compared to a press release but you just never know, do you? Previously we heard Aykroyd was interested in Bill Hader, Will Forte, Matthew Gray Gubler from the €˜Criminal Minds€™ show with Anna Faris, Eliza Dushku and Alyssa Milano fighting for the one female role in the new team but the actor/producer admitting he would want to do a full casting search. Have Hill, Paxton & Bell being involved in this?
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