What the hell is HYPERION CANTOS?

Dan Simmon's fantasy series to be translated into a Warner Bros. feature.

I think a name change will be in order here. The Hollywood Reporter say that Warner Bros. have struck a deal with writer Dan Simmons for the future intention of bringing his fantasy series Hyperion Cantos to the big screen with relatively unknown scribe Trevor Sands to translate the first two novels (Hyperion & The Fall of Hyperion) into one big feature.

It's been a long journey to the screen for the series. The first novel won a Hugo Award some 18 years ago now for what has been described as a "space opera"...
"Hyperion" deals with a space war, with most of the action taking place on a planet named Hyperion, known not only for its electricity-spewing trees but also for the Time Tombs, large artifacts that can move through time. The tombs are guarded by a monster called the Shrike, which impales people on metal trees.
The series has a massive wiki entry. It's one of those big universe novels. I've never heard of the series personally but it does seem well respected around science fiction circles. Hopefully it will attract the attention of a good sci-fi director, Alex Proyas perhaps?
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