What Your Favourite Martin Scorsese Movie Says About You

k5BXd1 Martin Scorsese is one of the strongest auteurs of our time. Having created a vast array of films over the years ranging from biopics to adaptations, gruesome gangster movies to a recent family-friendly charmer, he offers the potential to appeal to a wide variety of viewers and tastes. Your favorite Scorsese movie may say as much about you as it says, when made, about Scorsese himself (as many to all of his films do in some sense). Though Scorsese has an impressively long list of films to his credit beyond those discussed in the following list, what follows are ten of his films that each speak respectively to a definitive highlight within his intricate career. As you learn a basic run-down of each of the ten films, consider why it is that your favorite movie of the list speaks to you and what exactly it is trying to say in doing so.

The Departed

scoThe Movie: The Departed is Scorsese's 2006 crime remake of the contemporary classic Asian thriller Internal Affairs. The movie is set in Boston a and centers on the Massachusetts state police planting a spy within Frank Costello's Irish mob operations as Costello likewise integrates one of his crew as an informant in the police force. Both undercover men discover the presence of the other and push to discover the respective impostor's identity. What It Says About You: Your values may be ambiguous, making it no so clear who or what constitutes the "good guys" or "bad guys." Your loyalties are strong, but more based on surface-level aspects of admiration and tradition than genuine belief or support regarding the ideology involved. Ultimately, you will prioritize the need to defend yourself if presented with such a dilemma, setting aside any fluid definitions of morals or values in order to best support your interests and well-being in that situation. Favorite Movies: Another top-ranked, Oscar-nominated crime thriller you may like is David Fincher's Se7en, prime with plot twists -- not to mention another dashing young cop. However, if the appeal you garner from The Departed stems more from Mark Wahlberg speaking in a Boston accent, your best bet there is Ted. Soundbite: Fans of this movie would most likely be caught picking up Dignam's (Wahlberg) charming workplace etiquette of inserting the f-bomb between words or even syllables of words without any purposeful reason -- and don't bother asking for one. The best lines, though, are an exchange between Costello and an associate when, in response to the line "she's on her way out," Costello responds, "We all are. Act accordingly."

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