What Your Favourite Quentin Tarantino Movie Says About You

Tarantiino1 My earliest memory of engaging with Quentin Tarantino's work occurred whilst my dad and uncle were watching Pulp Fiction and - having been repeatedly told to go to bed - I tried to sneak a viewing of this film which, apparently, "only adults" were allowed to watch. Of course, my tender years inhibited me from soaking up the razor-sharp dialogue, intertwined story arcs and stellar performances, however this early experience has cemented Pulp Fiction as my favorite Tarantino flick. While I strongly hope that not everyone was exposed to Tarantino's work at such an early age, everyone who claims to love film has a clear idea of their favourite by the great director. Though the unifying themes of human malevolence, dark comedy and abrupt gore punctuate his entire filmography, each one of his movies has such an individual feel that your favourite certainly reflects something about you. Here's my take on what your favourite Tarantino film says about you...

Reservoir Dogs: The Alpha

resevoir dogs ending In what is without a doubt Tarantino's most masculine film we see a cast of all males attempting to impose their will on the rest of the gang in just over an hour and a half of the grittiest cinema you are ever likely to encounter. This clash of strong male figures creates an ominous tension which is felt by the audience throughout the film; this eventually culminates in the notorious act of violence which is shocking even by today's standards. If you are capable of dealing with this tension then you may truly call yourself an Alpha.

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