What Your Favourite Star Trek Movie Says About You

Star Trek Voyage Home

There are two types of Star Trek; the television shows and the movies. While most agree that Star Trek is best suited to the small screen, the movies have (mostly) been a huge success and given the franchise some of its most iconic moments. But there is no denying it, Star Trek is the premier science fiction franchise that spawned a plethora of scientists, engineers and gadgets. To put it bluntly, Star Trek has made fundamental changes in how you live your life and you wouldn€™t even know it.

Fans appear to have no problem if you have a particular show you are more fond off, but dare to say that you think €˜The Motion Picture€™ is better than €˜The Wrath Of Khan€™ or that JJ Abrams€™ movies are Frankenstein versions of what Star Trek is really about; then sit back and watch the bat'leths come out. Then the tribbles are set among the Klingons.

Racking up an impressive 12 movies with a combined box office of over $1.3 Billion, there are plenty of Star Trek films to pick from as your favourite, but what you pick says a lot about who you are. To the untrained eye, each movie might be similar but once you delve a bit deeper, they are mountains apart.

So with more scientific accuracy than you would find in your average horoscope, here is what your favourite Star Trek movie says about you.

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