WhatCulture.com's 10 Most Read Articles Of 2018

If you don't know Skyrim by now, you never will.

Wc 2018 Most Read

Was 2018 any better than 2017? The previous year had been an absolute stinker, and it was difficult to see how things could get worse. We predicted the word 'optimism' would tumble out of the dictionary, but it just about clung on for the past twelve months.

Not because they were especially good, but because things generally stayed at a constant rate of 'sort of crap'. And we had a World Cup. Even a World Cup of questionable moral integrity is a World Cup (let's see if we're saying that in four year's time).

As ever, we did our utmost to distract you from the general misery of 21st century life with a selection of delectable pop culture takes on a whole range of subjects (at least, when we weren't serving up withering contempt about certain Saudi Arabian partnerships). Raftfuls of you alighted on our irreverent shores to soak up the latest from the worlds of TV, film, video games and wrestling.

Some subjects in particular seemed to nourish your cultural taste. These ten articles were our most popular, and not a single one of them involved nudey bits. The world is surely changing.

Happy New Year!

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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