What's Bryan Singer filming next.... it's not Superman!

gh1.jpgVariety are reporting that Bryan Singer will re-team with The Usual Supects screenwriter Chris McQuarrie for an original WWII ensemble drama that will be his first non-comic book movie since Apt Pupil nearly ten years ago (it will be ten by the time it's released anyway). The film is the second to be produced by the newly formed United Artist's under the banner of Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner. The first being Lions for Lambs, which will star Cruise himself alongside Meryl Streep for actor/director Robert Redford. What this means of course, is that Singer won't be filming a Superman Returns sequel as his next project as previously thought. Personally I think this is the best way to go. I mean can you really believe the director of The Usual Suspects has been making comic book movies since 2000? The same goes for Sam Raimi. It's amazing seeing these directors handle some of my favourite literary characters BUT why can't they do what Christopher Nolan is doing? Make a killer superhero flick, then an awesome non-comic book movie, then come back to make another superhero movie. source - variety
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