What's next for V for Vendetta director...

bangkok8med.jpgBangkok 8, a mystery detective film to be shot in Thailand. The film will be the first made of the three Thailand set novels written by John Burdett, with Variety mentioning that if the film goes down well, the other books Bangkok Tattoo and Bangkok Haunts will also be translated into films. This will be director James McTeigue's second film after helming V for Vendetta in 2005, though he has shot an unknown amount of re-shoots for the sci-fi flick The Invasion. McTeigue is a protege of the Wachowski's and before "V" he worked as first assistant director on The Matrix trilogy.
In "Bangkok 8," a detective with the Royal Thai Police Force tracks the murderers of his partner, and also a U.S. Marine. The trail leads through Bangkok's drug and sex trade, and corrupt colleagues.
V for Vendetta was as impressive debut as you could hope for despite it's structure and misguided direction at times. It will be interesting to see if he decides to replicate The Wachowski style of filming again instead of creating his own style and tone.

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