What's A Scene You Really Hate From A Movie You Really Love?

Annoying scenes in your favourite movies you'd like to take a loaded shotgun to.

There's probably no such thing as the "perfect" movie - even those flicks constantly referred to by film buffs and film critics at large are flawed in one way or another. The Godfather and Citizen Kane are often cited as the greatest motion pictures in the history of the medium... but even the folk who adore said films could probably recall one moment off of the top of their heads that they consider to be a weak point. These moments might be tiny or insignificant, but it's probably true to say that no matter how much we like something, there's always going to be a part we dislike. Which got us thinking about scenes in our favourite movies that, despite loving the movies that they're a part of, we just can't stand. You know the types, of course. For the most part, a favourite movie can feel pretty "flawless" in a roundabout way - but then there's that one nagging moment that you're forcibly exposed to everytime you revisit the film. And the more you watch it, the more it begins to irritate you, over and over again. Usually, it's because it's the one part of the picture that lets the whole thing down; without it, you'd feel like you'd have nothing negative to say. Our picks goes for the scene in 12 Years A Slave where Brad Pitt's carpenter character, Samuel Bass, arrives at the very end of the movie for the sum of 10 minutes, and almost straight away provides movie-goers with a messianic white guy character who leads Solomon to freedom. It's not that it couldn't have worked, just that in the context of the movie, it rings totally false; having Brad Pitt plays the character feels at odds with the rest of the picture and is horribly distracting. The scene feels more akin to a lecture, and sticks out like a sore thumb. What about you? Which scene do you hate in a movie you really love? Let us know in the comments.
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