Which Joker Did It?

How well do you know the many iterations of the Clown Prince of Crime?

Jokers Batman
Warner Bros.

Many actors have taken up the mantle of Joker over the years, with each portrayal being iconic in its own way. Well, now it's time to test your memory and see just how memorable a Joker can be!

The concept is simple: I lay out a dastardly deed or crazy crime that one Joker committed, and you tell me which version is the guilty party!

It may sounds laughably easy, but I've included some seriously tough questions to really test your devotion to Mr. J.

May the best Joker win!

1. I Made A Pencil Disappear.


Jimmy Kavanagh is an Irish writer and co-founder of Club Valentine Comedy, a Dublin-based comedy collective. You can hear him talk to his favourite comedians about their favourite comics on his podcast, Comics Swapping Comics.