Which model turned actress has joined Spike Lee's WWII movie?

Here's a clue. She played Call Girl No. 7t in Spike Lee's 1996 film Girl 6.

Spike Lee's upcoming World War II movie Miracle at St. Anna. Her name, model turned 'actress' Naomi Campbell. This is actually the second time Lee has used Campbell, after he cast her as a call girl in probably his worst movie Girl 6, though you will be forgiven if you can't remember it. Since 1996, Campbell has desperately tried to get herself in the movie industry but has been most unsuccessful with the odd role here and there in flicks no-one remembers. Campbell broke the news to Vogue UK, which we found over at Cinematical...

"It's a very very small role but it involves subject matter that I'm really passionate about. It's about a regiment of black soldiers based in Tuscany in the Second World War €“ it's a subject that nobody has ever touched upon. There are all the war time films of course but you never see a black soldier in any of them. I'll do anything for Spike and I really think we should be more educated about the role of people of colour in our history."
Really interested in seeing what Spike Lee comes up with here. He's spot on about the absence of black men in war movies and although I was kinda hoping Lee would continue on his Inside Man thriller route, this seems to be a topic he has been most passionate about this year. Lee is currently in Italy working on the pre-production of this thing and Campbell even hints it could be out by next year which is a distinct possibility because it will have to be completed by the June strike date if Lee is ready to begin work on it. Will Denzel find himself in this movie? His acting slate is clean... it seems almost inevitable?


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