Which of Dillinger's men will join Johnny Depp in THE RUM DIARY?

Re-teaming next week with Johnny Depp will be Public Enemies actor Giovanni Ribisi, who has just become attached to the Hunter S. Thompson biopic The Rum Diary at WB. according to Variety. Ribisi will play a carousing journalist in the movie that is being setup to star filming March 30th in Puerto Rico. Nice to see Ribisi making big movies again (he's also in Avatar) after a few years of doing small, mostly independent features. perfectstrangerpic10 Directed by Withnail and I's Bruce Robinson, the movie will be an adaptation of the belatedly 1998 published novel from Thomspon which he wrote in the 60's and was seemingly only released after the media attention surrounding Thompson after Depp's highly thought of performance in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Depp stars as Thompson's alter-ego Paul Kemp... Aaron Eckhart plays a rival journalist.... the ultra sexy Amber Heard, Hollywood's next big thing plays the third member of the love triangle, in a role turned down by Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson, but the one who could make Heard as big as either of them. The two actresses' turned the role down because of the nudity the role required, and lots of it! Such things don't bother the "not shy" Heard, who was seen topless in the trailer for The Informers. Recently Oscar nominated Richard Jenkins also stars, in what has to be one of the most exciting projects readying to film right now.

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