Which Spider-Man Did It Quiz - Tobey, Andrew, Or Tom?

Can you tell your Tobey apart from your Andrew and Tom?

Spider-Man Quiz
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Without getting into any spoilery details, it's fair to say that Spider-Man: No Way Home is a supremely crowd-pleasing entry into the franchise, and while perhaps not the best Spider-Man movie ever, is certainly the most Spider-Man movie ever.

There's been intense speculation in recent months regarding the possibility of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield making appearances in the film, and so many fans have spent the last few weeks revisiting their respective franchises - that is, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man.

But just how well can you tell each of the Spider-Man eras apart? While they're relatively distinctive aesthetically and tonally, it's easy for the actions of these three Peter Parkers to get confused in a fan's mind.

And so, only the most tirelessly committed Spider-Man know-it-alls have a chance of getting anywhere near 100% on this devilishly, deceptively tricky Spider-Man quiz. Can you tell your Tobey apart from your Andrew and Tom? It's time to find out once and for all.

But fear not no matter how you do, because the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck!

1. I Climbed The Washington Monument.


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