Which Superman Said It Quiz: Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Brandon Routh Or Henry Cavill

How well can you match the movie quote to the Superman who portrayed him?

Warner Bros.

Nobody quite knows for sure what the future holds for the Superman movie franchise right now. Will we see Henry Cavill don the red, white and blue ever again or will we see the part recast in the DCEU? It really does feel like Warner Bros. could go either way with things.

One thing's for sure, Henry Cavill has been an excellent Superman. In the three appearances he's had in Man Of Steel, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, Cavill has redefined how Superman should look, sound and act like for a whole new generation.

Not that we should forget the names that came before him. Brandon Routh gave a very underrated take on the Superman character in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns misfire, unfortunately becoming the victim of being a good Superman stuck in a less than great film.

Dean Cain's turn in the fun Lois & Clark television series kept the Superman character relevant in the 90s. And of course Christopher Reeve's performances in the first four big screen Superman movies brought the comic book character to life as a fully realised hero.

But how well can you match the movie quote to the Superman who portrayed him? Take our quiz below!

1. "No One Stays Good In This World."


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