Who has TAKEN the job of directing DUNE?

Pierre Morel to adapt James Herbert's epic novel to the big screen.

Peter Berg's departure from Dune in October wasn't anything to do with a skewed vision or creative problems - just simply a case of a guy stacking up too many projects. He is currently making Battleship (yes, an adaptation of the board game) which will be an alien sea-fare action film, then he hopes to move onto a Hancock sequel, so as much as he wanted to he just couldn't fit Dune in. It's taken Paramount a while but they have finally chosen his replacement - Pierre Morel, the French born action director behind Taken, District B13 and the upcoming John Travolta crazy looking From Paris With Love. Speaking of which, in a case of good timing, Morel's next film just got a second trailer today. Paramount are now searching for a new writer to re-write Josh Zetumer's (Quantum of Solace) script to fit Morel's vision of the adaptation. I know very little of Dune - I haven't read James Herbert's text and nor have I ever seen the infamous David Lynch original but I am very curious as to how they keep hiring action directors for this project, when to me it sounds like it needs a methodical, cerebral, sci-fi kind of guy. A visionary like a Ridley Scott or a Peter Weir type - no?

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