Who Said It - Green Arrow Or Batman?

Was it Stephen Amell's Emerald Archer or Christian Bale's Dark Knight?

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Since they debuted just two years apart from one another, Green Arrow and Batman have never failed to constantly draw comparisons to one another.

The Caped Crusader may have got the jump on the Master Bowman by debuting in 1939 - Green Arrow arriving in 1941 - but the pair have so often mirrored one another in their crimefighting ways.

Of course, both Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen have no actual superpowers, per se, to speak of. Instead, both are mere humans who happen to be at their physical and mental peak - and with a playboy lifestyle and hefty bank balance, to boot!

There's also the fact that both of these characters are famously grumpy, albeit Ollie in a more loud 'n' brash way than Bruce's stoic silence and cold stares. Then there's the fact that both love to work alone, yet for some reason cannot help but amass a team of sidekicks and partners.

Where these heroes are concerned, Stephen Amell has delivered an utterly phenomenal, multi-layered take on Green Arrow in The CW's Arrow, while fans still reminisce about just how great a job Christian Bale did as Batman for three movies.

Here, there are quotes said by either Amell's Emerald Archer or Bale's Dark Knight. All you have to do is correctly identify which hero said which line of dialogue.

1. It’s Not Who I Am Underneath, But What I Do That Defines Me.

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