Who Said It: Han Solo Or Indiana Jones?

Two of the coolest characters in cinema history - but who said what?


Without doubt, Harrison Ford is one of the coolest actors to breeze through Hollywood. Still going to this day, Ford has been one of the biggest and best names in the game for over 40 years by this point.

Of course, when you think of Harrison Ford, so many people instantly think of either Han Solo or Indiana Jones. Much like Ford is to the acting world, Solo and Indy are two of the outright coolest characters to ever grace the silver screen. With both roles, Harrison struck absolute gold - and obviously the actor himself clearly brought a huge amount to the table when encapsulating both characters.

To date, we've see Harrison Ford have four big-screen outings as Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise, while he's also played Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr. in four films as part of the Indiana Jones series. And while Han has sadly been killed off - as per The Force Awakens - there's a fifth Indiana Jones movie in development for a planned 2021 release.

So, taking these two legendary cinema characters into account, we're asking you to simply match the following lines to the correct character. Was it Han, or was it Indy?

1. Don't Everybody Thank Me At Once.


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