Who would win in a fight between Jake LaMotta and Rocky Balboa?

Warner Bros. are developing a 'Space Cowboys'-esque Boxing dramedy titled 'Grudge Match', which Production Weekly says might find the actors behind cinema's two most iconic boxers Rocky Balboa and Jake LaMotta squaring off in the ring against each other! That's right, veterans Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro are being linked to the film tonight that revolves around two retired and bitter boxing rivals who agree to one final bout with each other, half a century after their last title fight outing. The rumour is a long way from any signatures being put down on contracts (sounds like a fantasy casting memo has leaked to us, rather than anything solid) but with the financial successes of 'Gran Torino' and 'Old Dogs' - there's weight behind older stars playing on riffs of their former selves and seeking redemption. Indeed I'm not surprised to hear the producer behind 'Gran Torino' is developing this one. Bronx born bit-part actor Tim Kelleher is writing, with Mark Steven Johnson ('Daredevil) also producing and therefore may direct too. If it happens of course, and you really feel like they need both Stallone and De Niro for it to. The pair memorably played opposite each other in the brilliant late 90's movie 'Cop Land'.
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