Why Brie Larson's All-Female MCU Movie Should Be About The Valkyries

Everyone prefers the MCU's Valkyrie to Captain Marvel anyway, right?

Marvel Studios

After campaigning for increased diversity within the MCU for a while now, it seems that Brie Larson is actually taking the steps to ensure this happens in the form of an all-female superhero outing – in the vein of the comics’ A-Force.

The evidence for this action comes by way of Variety, to whom Larson stated that her and “a lot of the female cast members from Marvel” have spoken to Kevin Feige about wanting to make this movie. Sure, this statement does not mean that such a film is definitely on the way, but with how much Captain Marvel is being pushed as the MCU’s new premiere hero, Feige will likely end up listening to Larson sooner or later.

However, while Larson may be the main one pushing for an all-female Marvel movie, it shouldn’t be Captain Marvel that it should focus on (if made). Instead, this position should fall to Valkyrie and the movie should centre on, well, the Valkyries.

Why? There are plenty of reasons, let’s hope that both Kevin Feige and Brie Larson take note of them if they come to make this film.

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