Why Bruce Campbell Deserves His Own INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO Episode

People often look down on Campbell because of his B-movie roots but his critics oddly fail to admit to his success. It's about time Lipton gave character actors their time in the spotlight!

Bruce Campbell, the ultimate B-movie actor, should have his own episode of Inside The Actors Studio - the stuffy and pretentious one on one interview show with James Lipton where, for the most part, the history of one's career and the art and craft of acting is discussed at length. And before you go any further please note that I am not for one second being sarcastic or ironic. I€™m being 100% honest. People often look down on Campbell because of his B-movie roots but his critics oddly fail to admit to his success. For example he is currently starring on one of US cable networks highest rated shows -Burn Notice. His role on the show as Sam Axe has gained him new fans and acclaim. He has also starred in some beloved movies, The Evil Dead franchise, Bubba Ho Tep, ---, The Spider-Man trilogy. Plus just count all his appearances in some of the fan favourite TV shows from the 90€™s, Brisco County Jr, Xena Warrior Princess, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. To be fair he has been pigeon holed into wiseass parts but as his current role on Burn Notice proves, is that he is also a very capable character actor. Just think back to his scene stealing role in the Coen€™s The Hudsucker Proxy, for example. And also of note is his capable straight-laced leading role in the heart-warming 1984 drama Going Back. His history with the business would be very insightful to the up and coming actors in the audience. For example the story about how he had to ask his parents for help funding his breakthrough role in Evil Dead. A movie that he and his friend Sam Raimi went out of their way to shoot just in order to get their name out their and carve out a career for themselves. Or the time he was up for the lead role in Darkman, only to be replaced last minute by Liam Neeson simply because he was a bigger name. You don€™t hear stories like this on the show. It€™s all about fame and fortune. Listening to the struggles and hardship of being an actor would be far more valuable. Campbell is the perfect guest to talk about all this because of his the many highs and lows of his career. The Actors Studio used to be such a reputable show, they managed to interview all of the greats like Newman, Redford, Pacino. But lately they have been scraping the bottom of the barrel. Bon Jovi? Seriously? What could he possibly have to say? Conan O'Brien? I love the man but he€™s no actor. It€™s gone from being a show about the craft of acting to a celebration of being an A-List celebrity. Bringing Bruce onto the show would honestly give it credibility. Instead of an ego stroking, host James Lipton could ask Campbell about his struggles, his success and frustration with the industry. It would be extremely interesting to watch. Bradley Cooper is the star of the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time. As a result he was recently brought on the show to talk at length about his success. I fail to see how this is any bit insightful to the students and viewers at home. Why is it every actor on the show has to be leading man with a salary of well over $5 million per movie? There€™s no shame in being a character actor. I wish Lipton would remember this. Get Bruce Campbell. If that€™s a success, and I€™m sure it would be, then they go ahead and get more successful supporting actors. Just because he€™s made his name in cult movies doesn€™t mean that they are any less credible than any others. Infact, most of the time the only reason some of his films have gone on to become €˜cult€™ movies is because he€™s so entertaining in them. Would you honestly watch Alien Apocalypse if it was any actor other than Campbell? Many people find it fashionable to rip on him because he made his career out of B-movies. Unfortunately said people have probably not even seen any of these films and therefore miss out on how charismatic and talented he is. Bruce Campbell has endured for as long as he has because like it or not he is a talented character actor. He is also a screenwriter, producer and director. His success stories outshine his hiccups. He has plenty of amazing truths and insights that need to be shared. All he needs is a respectable, legitimate and serious platform form which to tell them. The Actors Studio was once that exact sort of platform. In what can only be an effort to get high ratings they did some stunt casting and invited out of place guests on the show. No offense to Ricky Gervais but why the hell was he on there? By inviting Bruce Campbell to the stage not only would they get great ratings, the man has an army of rabid hardcore fans, but they would win back the respect the show has lost over the last few years. It is after all intended to be an insightful, educational show in which up and coming actors learn about the craft an the business. And honestly, who better to teach these students the ups and downs of the Hollywood ladder than Bruce Campbell himself. Some more Bruce Campbell related stories:Why An EVIL DEAD Remake Is A Bad IdeaSam Raimi Confirms THE EVIL DEAD Remake


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