Why Chris Nolan's Next Movie MUST Be This

Christopher Nolan's follow-up to Tenet could be his definitive masterpiece.

Chris Nolan Citizen Hughes

There's no denying that Christopher Nolan is one the most reliable blockbuster filmmakers working today, and no matter what you think of his most recent film Tenet, he can generally be trusted to turn in ambitious, big-budget tentpoles which succeed both critically and commercially.

Naturally, speculation is already running rampant about what Nolan's next film might be, and given that he generally doesn't leave more than two or three years between projects, he's likely already in the early stages of prepping his new project.

With rumours swirling that Nolan may be ready to depart Warner Bros. following their questionable handling of the industry-changing HBO Max deal, every major studio in Hollywood will be circling to lock Nolan down for his new movie, whatever it is.

And while it's fair to expect Nolan to conjure up yet another high-concept, noodle-baking sci-fi action film, it's entirely possible he'll surprise us with something totally different.

In fact, Nolan could be temporarily ditching the big-budget bombast for something smaller and more claustrophobic - a passion project that's eluded the filmmaker's grasp for close to 20 years.

Better yet, it's a biopic...

6. Nolan's Aborted Howard Hughes Biopic

Chris Nolan Citizen Hughes
Warner Bros. & Library of Congress

After Nolan completed his 2002 Insomnia remake, the director began prepping a biopic of legendary American businessman, pilot, engineer, filmmaker, and all-around renaissance man Howard Hughes.

Nolan was set to have Jim Carrey star as Hughes, though a major spanner was thrown in the works when Nolan learned that Martin Scorsese was busy assembling his own Hughes biopic - the Leonardo DiCaprio-starring 2004 film The Aviator, which went on to win five Oscars (and be nominated for a further six).

Well aware that competing with arguably our greatest living filmmaker would be a fruitless endeavour, Nolan reluctantly shelved his script, which was fully completed, and moved onto another project - a little-known movie called Batman Begins.

But since the release of Tenet, Nolan's fans have begun to consider whether this might be the perfect time for him to dust off that old script and finally bring it to life.

After all, 2024 will mark two decades since The Aviator was released, so there's certainly sufficient artistic distance for Nolan to deliver his own singular take on the subject.

Beyond that, it feels like Nolan has reached a natural point in his career where a film like this would be an exciting next step...


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