Will A Comic Book Movie EVER Beat The Dark Knight?

Christopher Nolan's epic turns 10, but feels as fresh as ever.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe may have celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, but another comic book movie behemoth has now spent a decade in our minds, hearts, and Blu-ray collections.

Somehow, despite the movie still being incredibly fresh, The Dark Knight was released 10 years ago today. The middle chapter of what would be a trilogy of Batman movies from Christopher Nolan, the movie was and still is one of the most successful superhero films ever made, grossing over $1bn at the box-office (the first comic book movie to do so), receiving heaps of critical and fan praise, and being nominated for eight Academy Awards, with a posthumous Best Supporting Actor win for Heath Ledger.

Every bit of that is well-deserved, though: Nolan mixes together varied influences from the likes of Michael Mann and Frank Miller, making a Batman story that is as capable of thrilling and enrapturing general audiences as it is giving joy to lifelong comic fans as it inspiring thinkpieces about its sociopolitical commentary on the United States and the War on Terror.

The Dark Knight remains the bar to which other superhero movies will be compared, and none have bettered it yet, despite the countless efforts to do so.

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