Will Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Return For Gotham City Sirens?

Harley Quinn's spin-off movie is going ahead, and bringing back Selina Kyle.

Harley Quinn Catwoman
Warner Bros.

Despite the critical mauling of Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie and David Ayer aren't giving up on the DC Extended Universe.

The star and director are teaming up once again for Warner Bros., this time to make Harley Quinn spin-off Gotham City Sirens (via THR). While Suicide Squad had a lot of problems, Robbie's take on Quinn wasn't one of them, and the character's popularity means it's hardly a surprise they'd want to continue cashing in on that.

More surprising is the return of David Ayer. There've been numerous reports about the extensive studio meddling in Suicide Squad, which contributed to that film being an absolute mess, so it's interesting that he's willing to return.

Gotham City Sirens won't just be a Quinn film though, instead focusing on a number of famous females from Batman history. Joining Harleen Quinzel will be Poison Ivy and Catwoman. The Birds of Prey, which was the first rumoured take for the Quinn spin-off, could make an appearance too, but it seems the focus - much like with Suicide Squad - will be on the bad guys.

Of course, it's only been a few short years since we had a new take on Selina Kyle, in the form of Anne Hathaway. Her portrayal was largely well-received, so could she make a return?

It'd be difficult to make it work, since the DCEU is in a different continuity from The Dark Knight Rises, and it'd take some explaining of this Batman/Bruce Wayne being different to the one she ended up with at the end of that movie. Nonetheless, her take was popular, and she's still a big name, so if Ayer and Warners wanted to bring her back - and Hathaway was up for it too - then they could always find a method of retconning their way out of it.

Regardless of who is cast, it's at least good to see Warner Bros. making another female-led comic book movie, something that's been sorely lacking in the modern era. A new take on Poison Ivy would be welcome too, since her lasting live-action legacy shouldn't have to be Batman & Robin.

Aside from this movie, plans are also pressing ahead for a Suicide Squad sequel and a Deadshot spin-off, but Gotham City Sirens is furthest ahead in the development stage at the moment.

Are you excited about Gotham City Sirens? Would you like to see Anee Hathaway play Catwoman again? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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