Will Castle Wolfenstein succeed where so many have failed?

Hitman's going to suck. We all know this already. It's time to move on and look towards another project that could break the 'stigma' of video games don't make good movies. This could be the one... Variety are reporting that Roger Avary is attached to write and direct an adaptation of the video game Return to Castle Wolfenstein for producer Samuel Hadida, who he worked with on Silent Hill. I guess that's the first red flag on this project as the biggest problems with Silent Hill (also a video game) was Avary's script but he has done enough good stuff in the past (Pulp Fiction, The Rules of Attraction) to say he is capable of making something decent.

The WWII-set €œReturn to Castle Wolfenstein€ revolves around U.S. Army Ranger B.J. Blazkowicz, who leads a team of agents into Castle Wolfenstein in order to investigate the Nazis€™ SS Paranormal Division. Project had previously been set up with Mark Gordon at Sony before the rights to the game reverted back to ID Software.
I've never played the game but I was surprised to read that it's older than me! The game has been around since 1981 and has since grown from it's beginnings as a top down 2-D Atari game into a cool 3-D first person shooter. World War II blended with paranormal activities? You all know I'm up for this. I love the blending of genre's, especially the mix-up of horror with World War II. It's something that Joel Schumacher is attempting with blending zombies and Nazi's in his horror movie Town Creek, although with his track record over the last ten years, if he manages to make a watchable film I will be completely shocked.

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