Will Ferrell Movies Quiz: Which Movies Are These Quotes From?

Can you identify the Will Ferrell movie from the quote alone?

Ron Burgundy

Along with the likes of Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell is pretty much one of the definitive comedy movie actors of the current generation. He's created characters as memorable as Ron Burgundy, Brennan Huff and Ricky Bobby and is endlessly quotable in all of his movies.

He's made some poor movies as well, to be fair - and Holmes & Watson was right down there in terms of how it was critically received - but the highs have always outweighed the lows. And the sooner he can get back to making truly great comedies - or offering the surprising dramatic performances he's also more than capable of - the better.

But can you identify which of these Will Ferrell quotes are from which of his movies?

Answers at the end!

1. Discovered By The Germans In 1904, They Named It San Diego, Which, Of Course, In German Means A Whale’s Vagina.


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