Will MONSTERS INC 2 Be A Prequel?

With Toy Story 3 out of the way, and Cars 2 rolling out into cinemas this coming July, the magicians at Pixar are getting ready to concentrate on the upcoming sequel to the charming Monsters Inc, which already has the proposed release date of November 16th, 2012.

Actually, is sequel the right word? The news coming out of The Playlist suggests that we might be better off expecting a prequel, rather than a chronological follow-up...

The rumour comes from an admin post in the forums of French site Disney Plaza Central, and states that the Monsters, Inc. 2 plot will center on Mike and Sulley both enrolling at the University of Fear, relating how they start off as enemies but soon become friends. The Playlist also confirm that Dutch blog Animatie attempted to find the source of the info and found that it apparently stems from a 2011/2012 catalogue given to theatre owners by Disney.

How closely the final film will resemble this early concept remains to be seen, given the notorious changeability of Pixar concepts during production (imagine if Woody really was an asshole, like first imagined!), but it's still nice to have some information to chew on while we wait.

Expect some kind of early teaser when Cars 2 lands in July.

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