Will Morricone score INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS?

Variety confirm last week's story that Ennio Morricone will score INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS as being true but there is a slight catch. He might struggle to get the score written and composed in such a short amount of time.
"Tarantino will finish shooting the film in February and has to deliver it by the end of April in time for Cannes...That doesn't leave me enough time to do the music. Either I start working on it before he stops shooting -- after we discuss it together -- or I just can't do it. I might end up just writing a couple of tracks."
The great Sergio Leone would famouslyset his direction to the already recorded Morricone themes, which gave his films the feeling of a live opera. The music was almost a character in itself...

And although Quentin Tarantino isn't a fan of using original scores for his movies, it is a fact that he has shot many sequences of his work to coincide with scores, including many sequences of KILL BILL which were timed to perfection with Morricone's music.

For once I would love to see Tarantino take a risk. Try and come up with something new, let's see an epic theme for this movie that recalls the best of Morricone and so that in four decades time a young filmmaker can homage and plain rip-off the INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS theme.

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