Will Quentin Tarantino Ever Make Kill Bill 3?

No promises, but there have been talks...

Quentin Tarantino has spoken with Variety about potentially doing one more Kill Bill film before he retires - considering the fact that he's previously spoken of only doing ten movies max before throwing in the towel, and that The Hateful Eight makes, well, eight... that doesn't leave him with a lot of slots left to fill that aren't sequels. So we can see that it would be a big decision for him (if he wants to stick to his ten-and-done rule). Here's what he had to say:
€œI€™m not committing to it, but I wouldn€™t be surprised if The Bride made one more appearance before the whole thing is said and done... I am talking to Uma about it just a little bit. Some of the stuff that I€™d written that never made it into the movie that maybe I could use.€
Tarantino has previously said that an idea he had for a third Kill Bill would be to have the now-grown daughter of Vernita Green aka Copperhead (Vivica A. Fox) come back for revenge following the death of her mother at the Bride's (Thurman) hands in Vol. 1. Not a bad idea by any stretch, especially considering that QT said he wanted to use the same actress (Ambrosia Kelley), after she had grown up in real-time around fifteen years later. Currently, we're 12 years out from Volume 1 (and Kelley is now 20 years old), so who knows?

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