Will Simon Pegg Feature In Star Wars 7?

Will Scotty pop up in a galaxy far far away?

Simon Pegg has hinted that he may make an appearance in Star Wars VII. The new film, directed by J.J. Abrams, looks set for release in 2015, but until then there will be countless speculation on who will be included, what the plot will be like and the extent to which the original cast will be included. At San Diego Comic-Con, Benedict Cumberbatch stated unequivocally that he will not be included, but hinted that Simon Pegg may be cast. Pegg has rejected the rumours, claiming that seeing his face pop up would break the escapism of the movie. However, he prefaced this comment by claiming that €œJ.J. uses me in different roles,€ which could suggest a way to include the Spaced star without using his face. It is possible that this means that Pegg will be included by hiding his face with prosthetics. Abrams has used the actor on multiple projects, including Star Trek: Into Darkness and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, so the two clearly have a strong relationship. Pegg is a noted fan of Star Wars. This combination could mean that Pegg is a likely contender for a role. Could Pegg€™s recognisable face be masked by CGI? Possibly. However, the overreliance on CGI weakened the prequel trilogy, so Abrams may opt to use prosthetics if this rumour is to be believed. The latest film has cast relative newcomers in primary roles, although this does not rule out appearances by well known actors. Samuel L. Jackson€™s portrayal of Mace Windu in the prequel trilogy placed a well known actor in a secondary role, so perhaps the Scotty actor could be clandestinely cast in this type of position. Alternatively the Shaun of the Dead star could star by lending his voice to one of the leaked images of large scale puppets. This would enable Pegg to make a prominent role without over-relying on CGI, as well as stopping Pegg€™s face from popping up and sending viewers into a frenzy in guessing whether that cameo was Pegg or not. If this turns out to be true then Simon Pegg would be almost simultaneously portraying Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott in the next Star Trek film, as well as Star Wars VII. For many fans this could risk mixing up two distinct franchises, and as Abrams directed both 2009€™s Star Trek and its sequel Into Darkness this would be a risky venture. We look forward to the release of Star Wars VII, and as we approach the release date and as filming progresses we look set to see many more rumours like this circulating.
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