Will we get enchanted by a CANDY LAND movie?

Since when did board games become so popular for film adaptations? There's at least half a dozen in the works right now, the highest profile being Ridley Scott's proposed adaptation of the world famous board game MONOPOLY. Now comes word from Variety that ENCHANTED director Kevin Lima has been hired by Universal to helm a movie based on CANDY LAND, with TROPIC THUNDER and IRON MAN 2 scribe Etan Cohen to come up with a screenplay. It's the first movie that has come out of a deal Universal made with Hasbro last year to make three movies based on their board games after the studio were sick of seeing Paramount make so much money from TRANSFORMERS and seeing G.I. JOE go into production. It's not a board game I'm familiar of, I don't think it's a thing we have in Britain. Reading up on it, the game sounds very similar to SNAKES AND LADDERS and is a very simple "chase to the end" game which is aimed at 3-6 year olds. Most blog sites are defending the CANDY LAND project because of the talent involved here and are using the quality of ENCHANTED to say it might not be so bad. Well I fucking hated ENCHANTED... so I can't even give you that shred of hope.

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