Willem Dafoe Is Playing An "Underwater Good Guy" In Justice League

Also, Jason Momoa is getting CGI hair...

Willem Dafoe Aquaman
DC Comics/Wikipedia

Incredibly, against all odds, Willem Dafoe isn't playing a villain in Justice League.

Despite the initial confirmation of his casting saying he was "joining the good guys", the interestingly-faced actor was always better suited to playing a creepy bad guy. I'm now going to spend the entire movie wondering when his heel turn is coming.

That reiteration comes from Birth Movies Death, who also state that their sources have confirmed that Dafoe is playing an Atlantean. Is he going to be playing Aquaman's father? Well, if the Atlantean detail is firm, that would be impossible, unless we're going to see a new origin, as Aquaman's father is in fact a land-dwelling explorer who moves to Atlantis.


There are of course other possibilities - and he could be presented as a seeded antagonist seeking to take Aquaman down from within (it's hard not to make those assumptions) - but nobody has any real details yet.

Interestingly, the same report also says Zack Snyder has "solved"the problem of how terrible Aquaman's brief underwater cameo in Batman v Superman looked. Instead of shooting in a tank of water - as they clearly did for that sequence - Snyderhas developed an elaborate rig on a green screen stage with two arms that hold both Momoa and a camera and move in sync to allow lots of free movement. To make it look "real", the actor's hair will be CGIed billowing as if under water.


Jesus, that sounds complex and ridiculous doesn't it? Maybe that's why nobody's made an Aquaman film yet. Well, that and the obvious.

Apparently the majority of the movie will be shot on sets with background replacement. Just to make sure we're REALLY immersed, like we all were with Green Lantern... To Warner Bros' inevitable delight, the sets will also keep costumed characters from leaking. Though we pretty much know what most of them will look like.


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