Win: Misfits Complete Series 1-5 Blu-ray Boxset

To celebrate the release of the complete Misfits 1-5 season boxset on 16th December on Blu-Ray and DVD, we're teaming up with 4DVD to give two lucky WhatCulture readers the chance to win a copy of the boxsets on Blu-Ray. So let's recap; we've had a freak storm, five dead probation workers, a troop of zombie cheerleaders, rampaging nuns and a total of eleven jumpsuit clad 'yoofs' with a questionable attitude to community service. Say hello and goodbye to our reluctant heroes in orange, with the final series available to own on DVD and Blu Ray from 16th misfits aren't going quietly! Misfits Series 5 is set a year after the infamous storm; when our 'heroes' have to up their game to tackle some real-life, super-powered vigilantes. In the opening episode, handsome barman Alex (Matt Stokoe, The Village) discovers that he has acquired a strange new power that he decides to try out... chaos ensues and Alex finally joins the guys in orange. Meanwhile, Rudy's (Joseph Gilgun, This is England '88) downbeat alter ego joins a mysterious new support group deep in the heart of the estate. At this safe haven for people struggling with their superpowers, Rudy meets a man trapped in a turtle's body, an old lady who knits jumpers that reveal the future, and someone familiar... the terrifying Tim (Matt Cross, Trance), who believes he is living in a Grand Theft Auto-style computer game. All good things must come to an end, but you can own Misfits Series 5 on DVD from 16th or catch-up with the BAFTA® award-winning series from the very beginning with a series 1-5 box-set featuring the original gang played by Robert Sheehan, Lauren Socha, Nathan Stewart-Jarett, Antonia Stewart and Iwan Rheon. The boxset, which is released on 16th December, is a must-have for all fans of the show. Misfits
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