Wolverine 3 Is (Probably) Going To Be Called Weapon X

Will the end look back to Logan's beginning?

Wolverine Weapon X
20th Century Fox

Filming on Wolverine 3 is well underway and with X-Men: Apocalypse now behind us, expect excitement for Hugh Jackman's final film as his career-defining character to ramp up. The movie is reportedly taking elements from Old Man Logan, which makes sense given aged Wolverine is the only version of the character Jackman's not got his teeth into yet, although the title at least will be a little different.

According to X-MenFilms, Fox have registered the titles Wolverine: Weapon X and Weapon X. While some have reported these as two potential names, I'd be very surprised if the former isn't the proper title, with the latter for more specific branding; you need to get the "Wolverine" name out to the masses.

As for the suitability of the title itself, I guess it's OK. It feels a bit odd, given that Weapon X is more linked to Logan's origins than it is his finale, but it may actually tie into the plot, with mad scientists aplenty rumoured.

If this is the title though, then it means that each film in the Wolverine "trilogy" will all have incredibly bland name, which so far is pretty fitting given their quality. Here's hoping that Weapon X washes out the respective tastes of sh*t/boredom.

Wolverine 3 is in cinemas from 2nd March 2017.

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