Wolverine will shoot in November

Hugh Jackman and Brian Cox will star for Rendition director Gavin Hood in the first X-Men spin-off.

Wolverine. In a change of climate, the movie will shoot in Sydney, Australia rather than Vancouver as the previous three films were. I have more hope for this movie than any other currently planned in the X-Men cannon. The guys they have hired have a proven track record. Gavin Hood'sTsotsi is a great movie (though his latest thriller Rendition looks piss-poor if you ask me) and David Benioff has wrote some decent scripts in his short career (25th Hour, some parts of Troy) though the general word seems to be the script for this is atrocious. Wolverine and Hugh Jackman were easily the most interesting characters in the X-Men movie universe and a return for Brian Cox should be interesting. I thought he made X-Men 2 and propelled that movie from being a good superhero yarn, to a great one. So we've heard details about both Wolverine and Magneto this week but which X-Men spin-off are you looking forward to the most? Gotta be Wolverine hasn't it? source - xverse, coming soon

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