Wonder Woman: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

You don't need a lasso of truth to see there's cause for celebration in DC's next movie.

DC Entertainment

It's not a stretch to say that Warner Bros.' plans for their DC Extended Universe haven't gone exactly to plan. The frosty critical and fan reception of their two 2016 releases, Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad, were mixed at best and toxic at worst, though both came out swinging at the box office (as is to be expected for every major superhero movie until the bubble finally bursts).

The dark, 'gritty', bloated formula the studio has been employing since Man of Steel hasn't done them a lot of favours, especially in comparison to Marvel Studios' reliable (if occasionally bland) crowd-pleasing methods.

But fear not, for on the horizon comes Wonder Woman, a film that promises to kick the DCEU into the shape it should have been since its inception. There's a lot riding on its success, and it's always difficult to gauge a film's quality based on its marketing (too soon, Suicide Squad fans?), but from everything we've seen so far this could be just what the doctor ordered.

Still not convinced? Well maybe you will be after these ten reasons you need to be excited for Wonder Woman...


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