Woody Allen's next movie beguns production

Henry Cavill joins Evan Rachel Wood and Larry David in this very strange love triangle!

Woody Allen is once again working two movies ahead of me but I've just recently bought my copy of Cassandra's Dream, his London based thriller starring Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell so very soon he will be back to just being two flicks ahead. It's so hard to keep up with this guy! His next movie after his next movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Johansson... Cruz... love scenes... nuff said?) will be the as yet untitled comedy (no surprise there) that's just begun production out in Queens says The Hollywood Reporter. Henry Cavill (pictured left from Stardust & The Tudors) has joined the already cast Evan Rachel Wood in the picture. Cavill will play a guy who is set up with Wood by her character's mother. The much older Larry David plays some kind of third love interest, making this one strange romantic triangle. Well at least Woody didn't cast himself for Larry David's part, right?

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